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Lawrence Story


Healthcare CEO/VP,

Former Championship Mr.America competitor,

Former Collegiate Football Bowl champion,

American literary Poet














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Wellness Words - Inspiration

Living In Green Pastures - Published Book

  • The Essence of Time - Workbook

  • The ARC of Recovery - Workbook

  • Faith the Substance - Workbook

  • In A Night Dream - Workbook

  • Hero to a Zero to a Hero - Workbook

  • Renewal of the Mind - Workbook

  • It's Getting Late - Workbook

  • Tattoo of Honor - Workbook

  • Perfect Victory - Workbook

  • Seven Spiritual Power Techniques - Workbook

  • The Bed I Lay - Workbook

  • Lord Guide Me - Workbook


                  Lawrence Story                       Former Championship Bodybuilder

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      Lawrence Story

ARC of Recovery by

Lawrence Story

Wellness Consultant

         Lawrence Story

Collegiate Bowl Champion

Exercise tips for seniors




Welcome to Living in Green Pastures with Life Storys. This website is dedicated to promoting health and wellness, (Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, Spiritually). Mr. Story, the Founder and Author of America’s book of Treasure will guide you through the book. The book offers some incredible insight and wisdom on managing life’s difficult circumstances. 


Living in Green Pastures with Life Storys has 11 Chapters, 531 pages and over 80 Life Storys. There are short and narrative Poem, Essays, Formulas for livings, Illustrations, Diagrams and timely Quotations.


The book and workbooks can be ordered through;

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Wellness Words

The opportunity to start again is a wonderful thing.  In life we are faced with many challenges.  When we have experienced losses and devastating experiences, we sometime believe that we cannot recover.  However, we do have the ability to make choices.  We can rise up each morning and decide whether we are going to stay in the pit of despair or rise up out of the ashes and trust in God. 


Each person has the ability to let go and have faith that the outcome will reveal itself by trusting in the process of recovery. You should invest time and energy directly into things that will cause immediate change in your situation. 


Remember, each Year filled with the opportunity to succeed and make the best of a great start. “If you stay the same, you will be the same.” 

Lawrence Story January 2020 and beyond!!!!


Lawrence Story knew when he went to work at Davis Grocery in downtown Houston, Texas that he was starting a life that would be filled with special experiences. The social experiences of a 9-year-old boy growing up in a changing world in the late 60’s and 70’s was memorable. The power of a tragic death of his influential mother, at his age of 15 years and the later motivation of a 10th grade English teacher, helped him to become a notable poet, successful high school / college athlete and opened up his world of knowledge.


Graduating with advanced degrees, Lawrence decided to pursue a career in the health care professions.

In the professional community, Lawrence has been a well-known hospital CEO for over three decades and has served as a mentor, coach, educator for hundreds of people from all walks of life. His beliefs centers around complete wellness … physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

In midst of a very busy professional career, Lawrence managed to become an international and national bodybuilding champion. He competed and won most of 80 competitions over a 10-year period.

To show his appreciation for so many rich life experiences, Lawrence decided to author his book “Living In Green Pastures with Life Storys” The book, known as America's book of Treasure, is an inspirational, motivational document filled with eclectic poems, essays, formulas for living well and illustrations, that are all supported with a highly spiritual Christian base.

Lawrence invites you to experience this unique book and find out how it may help you, the reader, to understand some unresolved issues, life losses and ways to realize your potential. Lawrence believes that “Living In Green Pastures with Life Storys” may be a place of healing and / or an answer to your prayers.

Lawrence is available for workshops, seminars, special occasions, dedication ceremonies, athletic banquets and individualized coaching through his App (in development) or by contacting him at

Contact: Lawrence Story


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