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Message from the Author

Thank you for visiting “Living in Green Pastures with Life Storys”. I pray that you have been blessed in some special way by traveling through the pages of this book…words given from my heart. I did not write this book for fame, fortune or popularity. Because “Popularity fades as often as the wind changes its course but character never fails”, unknown.

 I wrote the book, workbooks and videos to establish character and give back some of the wonderful thoughts and guides the Lord has given  me to manage my life. I pray that my work will enhance your life. 


Lawrence Story


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                                           (1). Introduction

                                           (2). Walking in Faith

                                           (3). Lord Guide Me

                                           (4). Testing the limits of Faith

                                           (5). Protecting God's investment - Your Body

                                           (6). Easter Presentation 2020

                                           (7). Memorial Day Presentation -COVID 19

                                           (8). I Took a Knee



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