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Well it’s a new year and a time to start a resolution for health. My name is Lawrence story, I am very excited to start my blog. Good health starts with looking in the mirror and liking the person that you see, in others words, how we esteem ourselves is described as “Good Self Esteem”. Good Self Esteem will produce good decisions and respect for the life we have been given. In my family, we were taught that spiritualty is the strongest variable to Whole Personal Wellcare. A strong reverent belief in God must be the chief ingredient to a complete life. My mother always prepared healthy foods that were straight from the farms in our Rio Grande Valley. I grew up knowing and believing that “you are what you eat”.

So, let’s start our New Year with things to focus on;

(1). Make a resolution for health

(2). Create good Self Esteem by strengthening your positive attributes

(3). Understanding your spirituality

(4). Respect your physical self by consuming quality foods and beverages

I look forward to sharing much with you in hopes of improving all aspects of your life (Physically, Mentally and Spiritually). Once we bring balance into our lives in these areas we will be able to have success in the other areas such as Socially, Financially, Environmentally and etc.

Here is an audio of Spiritual Technique # 1 from Living In Green Pastures. I hope it help you understand the power of prayer.

Next blog, I will continue our discussion on living well and respond to your questions.

Lawrence Story, LMSW, LMFT, CPI Trainer

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